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Company Reimbursement Plan and Third Party Billing

Company Reimbursement Enrollment Form

Robert Morris University is pleased to offer the Company Reimbursement Program for students employed at companies offering tuition reimbursement.

The program allows students to defer payment of the reimbursed portion of their tuition until approximately 30 days after the end of the semester. The balance must be paid by the final balance due date regardless of whether the student has received reimbursement from his/her employer.

Any amount not covered by the employer's reimbursement policy must be paid in accordance with regular payment policies set forth by the University.

How to Apply for Company Reimbursement
  1. Each semester, a letter from the student's employer, a completed enrollment form and the $25 nonrefundable enrollment fee must be submitted to the Student Financial Services Office. The letter is to contain verification of the student's employment and his/her eligibility to participate in the tuition reimbursement program, provide the amount of the company's reimbursement and outline any constraints or limitations of the employer's reimbursement policy.

    The above information can be sent to or dropped off at the following address:

           Student Financial Services
           Robert Morris University (Revere)
           6001 University Boulevard
           Moon Township, PA 15108

           Or emailed to:

Terms and Conditions
  1. Enrollment in the Company Reimbursement Program must be completed each semester.
  2. A student can prepay at any time without penalty.
  3. If a student becomes unemployed for any reason, experiences a change in employment status or there is a change in the employer's reimbursement policy, the student is responsible for all tuition and fees not covered by the employer.
  4. If a student withdraws from a course or from the University completely, the refund policy described in the semester Schedule of Classes and on the University website at will be in effect.
  5. Prior to any refunds being issued, all other financial obligations to the University must be satisfied.
  6. In the event that the balance is not paid by the due date, the University may subject the student to penalties, including but not limited to the withholding of academic records, denial of registration for future terms, late payment fees, finance charges, collection costs, reasonable attorney's fees and court costs.
  7. Finance charges at a rate of 15% APR will accrue on the student's account based on the full semester balance. Students must pay finance charges only in the event that the account is not paid in full on or before the final balance due date. As long as the account remains current and is paid in full by the final balance due date, all finance charges are waived.

Third Party Billing

If an employer will pay for educational expenses regardless of grades received, a Third Party Billing Agreement may be entered into with the company/organization. To take advantage of this payment option a voucher, line of credit, purchase order or authorization to invoice will be required prior to the payment due date for each semester. The billing authorization should include the following:
  • A letter or voucher on your Company's letterhead that includes the original signature of an official authorized to obligate payment for your company/organization.
  • Itemization of the fees and chargers that the company will be responsible for paying.
  • The semester during which the company will sponsor the student. The billing authorization will only be valid for one semester.
  • The student's full name and RMU ID #.
  • Indicate the name, billing address, telephone and fax number of the contact person at the company/organization that is responsible for payment.
The above information can be sent to or dropped off at the following address:

       Student Financial Services
       Robert Morris University (Revere)
       6001 University Boulevard
       Moon Township, PA 15108

       Or emailed to:

A detailed invoice will be mailed to the third party billing address approximately 2 weeks after the start of classes. Payment is due upon receipt.

The student is ultimately responsible for their tuition and fees. If the employment status changes and/or the Third Party Source cancels this authorization, the student is responsible for the tuition and fess that are due. Any portion of the tuition and fees not covered by the Third Party authorization must be paid by the payment due date. If the balance is not paid by the payment due date, the student will be charged a late fee and may be referred to a collection agency.