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A variety of circumstances may cause a student to have a refund or credit balance on their student account. Payments, including scholarships, grants and loans, that are higher than the amount owed and are in excess of tuition, fees, room and board may result in a student refund.

You can check your account status in Sentry Secured Services to verify your balance and refund, if one is due.

The University's refund service is a convenient online tool that streamlines and automates student refunds. Powered by Nelnet Campus Commerce, this service enables the University to deposit payments into a student's checking account - whether they are financial aid refunds or other funds owed to students. So, payments are fast, secure and automatic and will be deposited into student accounts within 1-2 days after the University's refund process is finalized.

It is quick and simple - visit and select
 "Student Refunds" from the drop down list and then sign-in with your Sentry Secured Services username and password. Click on the icon to register for direct deposit of your student refund.  Be sure to have your Bank Account Number with you.  Once activated, you will receive alerts letting you know when a payment is scheduled to be deposited to you, or you can make changes online and check on activity at any time.  Any student can do it. If a student logs on to Nelnet to update or change their refund method, an authentication code will be sent to their RMU email address. Once the code is retrieved and entered into Nelnet, they will be able to continue with their selection. 

Although a paper check will still be an option, please consider authorizing direct deposit of your student account credit balances into a checking account; it is the safest, quickest and most-efficient way.  Any questions related to the Nelnet Payment Portal can be addressed by calling 1-888-470-6014.

Please note: If you are not enrolled in the direct deposit program or have a credit balance that is the result of a Parent Plus loan, a refund check will be mailed to the address on file with the University.  A student's permanent address is shared with Nelnet Campus Commerce, in order to process refunds.