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Student Accounts FAQ's

Q: As long as I mail my tuition payment prior to the due date, will I be considered late if it arrives after the due date?
A: Yes. We do not accept postmarks as proof of payment received. Students unable to mail payments at least five days prior to the due date should personally bring it to the Student Support Center for processing.

Q: If I still owe an outstanding balance from a prior term, will I be able to register for another semester?
A: No. The University requires that all past due balances be paid in full or other arrangements be made with Student Accounts prior to registering for another term.

Q: Is there a charge for an unpaid balance?
A: Yes. Unpaid balances will result in a late fee charge of 1.25% per month charged to the account on the 15th of every month.

Q: When paying by mail, what should be put on the check?
A: Checks are to be made payable to Robert Morris University, properly endorsed, dated and include the student's RMU ID #. We do not accept post-dated checks. All checks are processed and deposited the day they are received.

Q: When will I receive my refund?
A: The receipt of your refund will be determined by the sessions of the courses for which you are enrolled. Registering for a 2nd 8 week course may impact the timing of when your financial aid posts and the processing of any eligible refund. Depending on the number of credits registered, your financial aid may not post until the 10th week of the semester. Any student refund you are eligible for will not be processed until then as well.

Q: When can I get a book voucher to buy books?
A: Your freedom card is encoded with the amount of credit from projected financial aid approximately 10 days prior to the start of the semester.

Q: Can I change my meal plan at any time?
A: No.

Q: What happens if I have an outstanding balance?
A: No grades, transcripts or diplomas will be released if there is a balance due, and registration for a future term will be denied until the balance is paid in full.

Q: When should I sign for my Perkins Loan?
A: The promissory note should be signed following the receipt of the invoice. Promissory notes not signed by the 15th of the first month of the term are subject to late fees.

Q: Why is financial aid missing from my bill?
A: Financial aid not appearing on the student's bill indicates forms are incorrect or incomplete. Students should contact their Financial Aid Coordinator.

Q: If I am registered for an upcoming term and decide not to return, is it necessary to notify anyone?
A: Yes. Students who do not plan to return to school must notify the Academic Services Office so their registration can be dropped. The Office of Residence Life must be notified, if applicable.

Q: When am I considered financially cleared?
A: When payment by the tuition due date is made in full, by a payment plan or by a company billing verification.

Q: What does it mean if I attend class and my name does not appear on the instructor's roster?
A: This indicates that the student is not officially registered for the class or is in the wrong section and should contact the Academic Services Office.